With endless wind and rain battering the Uk and winter not yet to an end, Eastern Sicily looks like a good travel destination to soak in sunshine and enjoy temperature highs up to 24C for Sunday 1st March.

There’s a lot to catch on and beautiful scenery and mouth watering food is just a flight away. From our office in Catania, we at Compass Cultura have been researching the hidden gem events that will make a trip to Sicily in March a special event.

What’s on in Catania and Taormina

Caravaggio Immersive

At Castello Ursino in Catania until the 31st of March 2020. More information and opening times.

Immerse in a Caravaggio trip with visual installations and projections – a visual tour of Caravaggio’s life from the exhile to his life experience in Sicily and his flight to Malta.

Artichokes festival in Niscemi

Niscemi is the capital of the special variety of artichokes named violetto. Tasting hundreds of dishes while immersing in the out-of-the-world atmosphere of the small village Niscemi is a unique occasion for a trip from Catania or Syracuse in March. More information and dates.