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Some of the very best Spanish food I have tasted has been served to me in Galicia. They know how to cook up here, in so called green Spain. It rains often here. The upside to that is it means you will want to be indoors enjoying Galicia food.

The best seafood soup I have eaten anywhere was prepared for me by a restaurant in Galicia. Galicia food is heaven for those who like their fish and seafood. The locally caught fayre is varied and plentiful. Octopus, Mussels, Langoustines, Scallops and Oysters are readily available.

A particular favourite of mine is Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician octopus). A very spicy dish where the octopus is cooked with paprika. Caldeirada (Galician fish stew) is also a dish you should try your hand at. Made with potatoes and a white fish of your choice.

photo Chema Concellón (
photo Chema Concellón (

It can be cold and very wet in Galicia. That’s when your mind turns to making the traditional Caldo Gallego (Galician soup) that contains local vegetables, a ham knuckle, chorizo and white beans.  And then there is the Empanada. Another Galician treat. It is a tasty snack that Galicians have eaten for centuries, to see of hunger. The fillings nowadays can be made of almost anything. Meat, sardines, clams.

If you find yourself in location such as the religious capital of Santiago de Compostela, or the smashing town of Pontevedra, be sure to try one. They are sold everywhere in Spain these days. But, like so much other Spanish food; it tastes best in gorgeous Galicia.

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International Culinary Tours have been providing their guests unique and memorable experiences. Their goal has been to give their guests an experience that allows them to discover the destination by exploring the unfamiliar and immersing themselves in age-old traditions and cultures.

All of their Culinary Tours will include at least two days of cooking classes that will also include visits to the local markets. In addition to these classes, you will be exploring the respective areas to sample some of the region’s artisan delicacies. Visits to unique wineries always include tastings and discussions with the wine maker.

Galicia food tour

Wallk the last 60-plus miles of Spain’s Camino de Santiago along pathways surrounded by beautiful countryside, quaint villages and churches. Highlights of the 10-day excursion include a cathedral tour and private cooking class in Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the last stop on the Camino.

After the walk, you’ll have a full-day visit with a private chef and sommelier at Pazo de Rubianes, a privately owned botanical garden. Walks range from 10 to 15 miles a day for six days. Group size is limited to 12.

The total cost is $2,995 per person and the tour is available on these dates only: June 9-18, Aug. 18-27