We are all in this global pandemic together and we’re doing our best to follow the government’s guidelines and help the healthcare system to cope with the influx of patients. We in Sicily have been seeing a lower rate of infection compared to other regions in Italy and we have already seen the curve of infection point downwards days ago. Sicily has been following the Italian Government’s guidelines to safeguard its citizens and visitors, and a variety of factors have been blessed us with a lower impact and overall lower rate of infections and casualties.

The number of new cases in Sicily is gradually lowering towards zero new coronavirus cases. There are currently just a handful of new cases per day but the downward trajectory suggests that in a matter of days there won’t be any new infections.

We all hope this is the beginning of a fast recovery for everyone and our advantage has made the local government decide that, starting from the 4th May, businesses will gradually start reopening. The hospitality industry is looking at putting measures in place to safeguard peoples’ health and offer a safe travel experience to citizens, tourists and visitors.

In this exceptional circumstances Compass Cultura has been putting safety and its client’s health first and foremost by sanitising all its holiday homes and by making face masks, hand sanitisers and gloves complimentary in all properties.

We continue our partnership with the best industrial laundries offering sanitisation equipments. We are now also offering optional daily cleaning and linen changes. All of our tours are meeting and exceeding the government guidelines on social distancing and safety.

Compass Cultura is still operating remotely to keep welcoming and supporting its customers. We are also now accepting reservations for the summer by offering flexible cancellation policies and reduced deposit rates.

Get in touch with the team at Compass Cultura today and plan your next holiday in Sicily together. #care!