Sicily, land of incredible treasures


Sicily is the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and has been the cradle of culture for the most important western civilisations over the past 3000 years.

Its wonderful variety of ashes, traditions and cultures, transform Sicily into the impressive and magnificent island it is now. Greeks, Romans, Goths, Byzantines and Arabs are just a few of the civilisations whose influences are still visible as you walk across the evocative corners of the Island. Ruins and masterpieces will enchant, taking you back to a time of dining with Romans and debating with Greek philosophers in the “foro”.

This amazing Island also offers a large variety of remarkable seasides and seabeds as well as nature reserve that will have you falling in love with them. Walking across the north, west, east and south coasts you can find wonderful stretches of sand, amazing landscapes framed by Etna volcano and gorgeous small villages, all of which help to deliver the original feel and taste of this ancient territory. Sicily is an island of surprises, and thanks to its natural beauty UNESCO has included all its gorgeous archipelagos, and some of its Nature Reserves in its World Heritage List.

Visit Sicily as a local

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