Lost then found

Photography Jess Bonde


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Imagine a world where money is seemingly endless, and where life revolves around showcasing multi-million dollar yachts and all things gold and glistening. Where, when the European summer is imminent, you’re nobody unless you’re docked in a port somewhere along the French Riviera with It Girls hanging off your arm. In that environment, arrogance is both expected and tolerated.

Perhaps not a place for a young Australian who grew up on a farm and studied outdoor education in the pristine environment of Tasmania’s wilderness, or a kiwi girl with hopes and dreams of cruising the ocean’s salty waves and being immersed in new cultural adventures. Yet, drawn in by the glitz and glamour of the industry and, to be honest, its hard not to be, that’s where we found ourselves. Sucked into the lifestyle, the money, the destinations, and the dream of living the life of a billionaire.

We were thrown into yachting life instantly. Scrubbing, polishing, and vacuuming, our free-spirited, travelling souls now on lock down; back-breaking work all day, every day. Schedules, rosters, checklists for checklists, regimented breaks – all became the focus of our world. Not perhaps what we had expected. Arrogant ownders, guests who looked down on the staff, who were too materialistic and cared more about their status than the people close to them – these were not the kind of people we had wanted to surround ourselves with. Time to get back to the adventure we were really looking for.

It was in Chester, England we found Victor Whiskey, a 1995 LT35 Volkswagen that had been retired from its minibus days and transformed into one of the most charismatic vans in Europe. Our ultimate adventure vehicle. We packed only that we considered to be essential, caught the ferry to France, and started to drive north. We knew two things for certain: we wanted to get back to basics and head as far north as we could. The rest we would figure out along the way.

Read the rest of the story at Sidetracked.com.