Granita! May 25th, 26th and 27th are the days to mark

The Nivarata (granita) festival will happen in Acireale on May 25th, 26th and 27th. Start packing to taste the famous granita from the locals


Nivarata. This is the name of the Granita festival that will happen in Aci Reale on May 25th, 26th and 27th 2018. The world-famous Sicilian granita is on tour again this year after 6 successful years and more than 100,000 visitors each year.

The Granita is an iconic food from Sicily, and it comes in many different variations. Pretty much all towns in Sicily proud themselves of making the best granita, and there are always fierce fights over which town has the most delicious version of the ice cream. The common ground is the fresh and healthy ingredients, together with a simple recipe that has been perfectioned for centuries. Many think that granita is between a gelato (ice cream) and ice with fruit juice. We think that it is actually a thing of itself, not a gelato, not grated ice – just a creamy soft fruit dessert that can be often had for breakfast by the locals. Oh, and don’t miss out on the brioche! Granita is traditionally had with a soft brioche with a peculiar shape called tuppo. It’s a very simple recipe that we are sure you’ll try and replicate at home: flour, eggs, yeast, honey, butter and a little sugar. It’s normally fresh out of the hoven and the result is amazing; the not-too-sweet taste goes perfectly well with a fruit granita (try the granita ai gelsi or almonds) or our favourite mix: chocolate and almonds.

Chocolate and cream granita and brioche

Visitors from everywhere will be flocking the streets of Acireale the taste of the different versions of the delicious and fresh granita served by hundreds of local businesses – for once, fierce competition comes with some perks for us!

It’s time to start packing then, and plan a stay in the Catania area which is only 15 minutes away from Acireale. The festival runs through the entire weekend and will be a great reason for visiting east Sicily, Catania, Taormina and Acireale.

The old theatre in Taormina makes a great starting point for a cultural visit, sunbathing close to Isola Bella, and then heading to Acireale for a proper granita tasting. It will be up to you to decide which one is best – but don’t forget to praise the local producers for their delicious efforts.