What are the current Covid-19 safety measures in Sicily?

Starting from the 8th of June 2020, Sicilians have come back to their normal life still respecting some strict guidelines instructed by the local Government. Everyone has to wear a face covering mask if indoors in public places.   

Quarantine isolation requirement is not in force anymore. Everyone who arrives in Sicily has just to register on this website https://siciliasicura.costruiresalute.it/welcome.

The current measures will be in force until the 30th of September 2020.

Why choosing a private holiday home in Sicily is the best option to travel safely under Covid-19?

Private holiday homes are the best choice, today more than ever, to guarantee your privacy and safe travelling. Compass Cultura has designed a number of services that will allow you to enjoy a special holiday without missing any opportunity and enjoying the holiday accommodation only with your relatives and travel buddies.

What is Compass Cultura doing to ensure that our journey is safe?

Compass Cultura has introduced a range of remote services that will make your holiday trip as enjoyable and safe as possible. We have a new self check-in procedure in place that coupled with video-guides and remote assistance will allow you to enjoy the accommodation and retain the outstanding level of service that our guests have always experienced.

Compass Cultura has also made sure that our hospitality experts remain available throughout the entire trip for advice and information on your stay. We will of course keep up to date on any Covid-19 development, and we will keep our guests up to date in real-time.

We are also taking your health and safety seriously by making personal protective equipment available in all our holiday homes. We are providing face masks, rubber gloves and sanitising liquids complimentary in each home and we’re fully sanitising the properties before every customer checks. This activity will be provided by a specialised company which will use all the necessary equipment and products to guarantee the highest standards of safety to our guests.

Would our experience in Sicily be compromised because of the Covid-19 social distance measures? Would we miss the opportunity to visit any archeological sites, museums or naturalistic sites?

The Compass Cultura team would make sure you won’t have to give up anything.
Our specialists would help you book your tours in advance before your arrival.

Obviously, only small or private tours would be allowed to respect social distances measures, but advance booking will facilitate the organisation of your visit.

Sicily has plenty of naturalistic sites or archeological sites to visit outdoors, while keeping your distance. For example you can enjoy the excursion to the Etna and the summit craters over 3000 meters high. You will walk in a wide and amazing space in total safety.

We would love to book some of your private tours, would it be safe travelling on private vehicles?

The vehicles we rely on for your tours are equipped with protecting screens to separate the driver from the passengers.

Would I be able to enjoy some Sicilian extraordinary food without incurring in any safety risk? What about sunbedding on one Sicilian astonishing beach?

Bars, restaurants, pubs will implement table spacing policies. However, if you want to limit the visits to crowded places while still enjoying local food, you can easily book a cooking show or exclusive wine tasting directly at your home.

Sun loungers and all beach facilities in the seaside will also be spaced following all current distancing measures.

The information in this page has been updated on 10th June 2020.

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