Compass Cultura

The subcompact publishing project is back and the archive is free forever

Compass Cultura
Linus Sandvide –

Back in August 2014, indie publisher Jeff Campagna launched a publishing project inspired by Craig Mod's subcompact publishing manifesto. Jeff aimed at publishing three long-form stories a month but – a little more than a hundred active subscriptions later – growth plateaued and he decided to hand over his project.

Compass Cultura and its domain was then later aquired to serve as a content strategy-based marketing operation for a travel operator. Today it's back to its original scope.

Compass Cultura is home to adventure stories

It never really stopped to receive a lot of interest for its publication style and some of its features still resonate with many. The Pink Sari Gang, a Northern India's Female Revolution story, is one of the most successful stories on search engines. Witches of Chiloé, on a powerful secret society in southern Chile, was featured on and is being read by thousands every month.

The Compass Cultura archive of long-form stories is back with a a new publishing system that puts stories first and focuses on accessibility and enhance reading. It is free and will be kept so forever.

Supporting independent publishing

There will be more to it in the future. The publication will resume commissioning and accepting story pitches in the future. Supporters can already sign up for free, or invest on our future with a $1.99 / month subscription. This won't immediately allow access to any new story though. Subscribers will be entitled to exclusive, early access to new stories and insights on the publication, and will be part of our community.

We can't wait to hear from you and any collaboration idea is welcome.

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Compass Cultura is a thePrintLabs Ltd publication and we can be reached at hello (at)