Take a breath, hold for a little while. Now, repeat with me: “Bonu tempu e malu tempu non durunu tuttu u tempu“. This expression, literally meaning “Good weather/times and bad weather/times don’t last all the time”, powerfully conveys one aspect of the Sicilian soul: a mix of fatalism and acceptance blended with a positive glance at the future.

As we aim at giving you the most genuine contact with our local culture, we hope that you will be very fluent with this one when we all turn this sad page of our history and are finally able to travel without worries, but only with a heart full of joy and curiosity.

And when this all happens, what other place is better than Sicily to dive into the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea? Imagine yourself getting rid of that sweater and sporting your best spring/summer attire to discover an ancient land blessed with the sunlight that for centuries has attracted several populations. A place where you can walk around the ruins of ancient cities that have left a mark in History discovering that here is where various Greek myths have happened, or sip a glass of fine wine while admiring one of the many beautiful landscapes that Sicily offers, or maybe enjoy a day outdoors hiking on Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe.

The fact that we cannot freely travel for leisure at the moment does not mean that
we cannot dream of it.

Or, even better, plan our next holiday.

Despite this difficult period, in the past months we have not slept through the static as we have been working behind closed doors to improve ourselves for the moment you will be back. And moreover, we will keep telling you about this beautiful island as we see it with our own eyes.

Have you ever heard that people from the south of Italy are very welcoming?

A concentrate of strong passions and emotions, Sicilians in particular are able to always find a cheerful side even in an unhappy situation. It is not a case that the big wave of positive attitude with the music from the balcony during the first months of the pandemic started from Italy. We just love to get together and involve people in a happy way.

You will notice the enthusiasm as you arrive here. This whole read is just a wish that this all happens soon and we will be ready to hug you again, greeting you like our oldest friend even if we have just met, shaking hands for hours and giving a kiss on each cheek to say bye.

Now, take a breath, hold, repeat:

“Bonu tempu e malu tempu non durunu tuttu u tempu”.

See you VERY soon!