SpaceX Mars

How far would you go for adventure? To Mars?

"The risk of fatality will be high; there’s just no way around it. It would be, basically, ‘Are you prepared to die?’"

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Meena Raghavan is 74, but that doesn't mean she can't kick your ass.
He declared that within 40 to 100 years he's going to send 1 million people to Mars on a giant interplanetary spaceship.

Design and dictatorship: Being an artist under oppression

Just below the surface of Cairo, artists' creativity grows in solitude.

With ‘rent a friend,’ traveling is getting very weird

When I learned that friendship is rentable in Tokyo, it merely seemed like more Japanese wackiness, in a subset I’d come to think of as interest-kitsch.

Is Iran the next big travel destination?

It's easy to see the appeal of such a forbidden place. The country has been a pariah of the West longer than many of our readers' lifetimes.

Mosul: Inside northern Iraq on the eve of battle

Three months ago, journalists Jack Barton and Olivier Sarbil traveled to northern Iraq to document the lead-up to the invasion.

The Long, Racist Hitch: Cape Town to Victoria Falls

Milton Schorr has been hitch-hiking Southern Africa’s roads since the age of 15. In December 2015 he set off on his longest journey yet, 2500kms from Cape Town to Victoria Falls.

Narrating Crisis in Sri Lanka

A poetic look at the true efficacy of international humanitarian aid in times of crisis.
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Culinary Discovery

Wasabi plant is stupid difficult to grow

The wasabi plant is the diva of plants. It needs good sunlight, but it needs shade. It needs lots and lots of cold water, but not that cold.

Angel León’s Spanish restaurant is ‘reinventing the sea’

They call Angel León the "Chef of the Sea." It's almost not even hyperbole.

What a chai café taught me about living fairly

Remedy Café in Edmonton, Canada, seemed like an informal language school as Indian and Pakistani food orders were increasingly yelled out.

Only three people know how to make the rarest pasta on...

Never mind angel hair. The rarest pasta on earth is called su filindeu — "the threads of God."

The New Nordic Cusine

Niklas Ekstedt is passionate when he describes what has needed to happen in the last 10 years to save the floundering Stockholm food scene: “We...

Meet the Tomtens

"I call this place 'reinventing the homestead.' So we're trying to take the best of the traditional and add the new. It's a good thing, and I think it's a way of living that people may be yearning for."

On the Road

Iceland’s barren highlands will give you chills

The inhospitable Southern Highlands of Iceland are vast, sparse and un-populated. Here, nature is at its rawest, impossible shapes rise out of nothing amongst...

Woman rescues elephants, elephant rescues man

Near Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, a woman named Lek Chailert has saved some 200 elephants from cruel fates in the logging and tourism industries.

Alone at the Top of the World

Aleksandr "Sasha" Romanobskiy lives in a Russian ghost town called Pyramiden with just five others employed as cultural guides.

This Video Will Change Your Mind About Morocco

Look beyond the sand dunes, and you'll find an indigo-tinged country that works hard and plays harder.

On the Pamba River

Past and present religious tolerance in Kerala, South India.

Branding Guyana

What happens when a journalist who loathes press trips goes on one to Guyana?
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