Lost then found

Read the rest of the story at Sidetracked.com. Imagine a world where money is seemingly endless, and where life revolves around showcasing multi-million dollar yachts and all things gold and glistening. Where, when the European summer is imminent, you’re nobody...
Emma Morano's birthday was definitely not a quiet affair. Well-wishers filled her two-room apartment on Tuesday to celebrate her 117th birthday.

Walking Hadrian’s Wall

Walking Hadrian’s Wall is not an exotic task. It has none of the glamour or exhilaration of thrashing through rainforests or trailblazing across white-hot...

Eighteen inches of separation

Young people die for no reason and many reasons all the same. During what years I have lived, countless friends and loved ones were...

What is a galaxy rise? See for yourself.

So what is a galaxy rise? When our sun goes down, the other suns that surround us come out.

Mysterious sea floor ‘ping’ is disrupting Inuit communities in Canada

The sea floor ping started in the summer. Some people said it was more like a hum, or a beep.

Stay a little longer

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan In the morning, just after dawn, the baker sits cross-legged on the flour-dusted floor. His storefront bakery overlooks a narrow, pitted street where...

Cleaning up the herbal healers

From aphrodisiacs to mixtures for malaria, traditional remedies in Ghana are loved by the people and championed by entrepreneurs, and make millions for the government. Will regulation break it?

Culinary Discovery

Warming up for São João festivities: squash compote made with quicklime

This squash compote is one of the most delicious things in our winter. It's different from squash paste (another sweet very common in this...

Pumpkin coconut quiche to spice up the routine

That good old quiche recipe with whole-wheat flour and olive oil crust is a wild card for lunches at my place, always ending up with a...

The best Galicia food tours

Some of the very best Spanish food I have tasted has been served to me in Galicia. They know how to cook up here,...

Nordic cuisine is on the rise, 6 interesting foods from Norway

You don’t truly know a country until you know its cuisine, and authentic Nordic Cuisine certainly isn’t something you’re likely to find back home

Anthony Bourdain from Parts Unknown on Sushi and Japan

"If I had to eat only in one city for the rest of my life, Tokyo would be it."

Wasabi plant is stupid difficult to grow

The wasabi plant is the diva of plants. It needs good sunlight, but it needs shade. It needs lots and lots of cold water, but not that cold.

On the Road

What You Don’t Want To Know About The Hadimba Temple of...

On my way back from the Manali bus stand yesterday, after enquiring about the ticket, I decided to make a quick stop at the...

Kanyakumari Is A Celebration

The south couldn’t care less whether you feel comfortable or not, whether they fit your standards of travel or not – here you fit in. You adjust.

Walking Hadrian’s Wall

Walking Hadrian’s Wall is not an exotic task. It has none of the glamour or exhilaration of thrashing through rainforests or trailblazing across white-hot...

Macedonia tourism masterplan set to unhide hidden gems

Macedonia tourism is rising thanks to investments meant to discover the hospitality, kindness, openness and warmth of the country’s residents

Sicily, land of incredible treasures

Sicily is the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and has been the cradle of culture for the most important western civilisations over the past...

Visit Venice without leaving your desk

Visit Venice in 5 minutes or in 5 easy steps

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